Call for tenders – CONNECTION project short videos

In the context of the CONNECTION project, aiming to implement the Integrating Cities Charter in which European cities commit to the integration of migrants, Eurocities is looking for a video producer company (organisation or individual) to develop 4 animated videos giving an overview of the 4 how-to guides developed in the context of CONNECTION (estimated duration 3-4 minutes).

See for examples of what Eurocities is looking for here , here and  here.

  1. Background

CONNECTION aims to create community building activities to integrate third-country nationals at local level; promote exchanges between third country and host-country nationals at local level; build partnerships and cooperation among all actors involved in promoting integration at community level and implement real changes on the ground. By connecting city authorities through communities of practice, CONNECTION improves structural cooperation and build partnerships between cities in integrating third-country nationals.

CONNECTION achieved these objectives by building and developing 4 communities of practices, on the following themes:

  1. A) How to develop a strategic approach to integration, participation and interaction?
  2. B) How to build a gender dimension into integration policies?
  3. C) How to build pathways to employment for migrant?
  4. D) How to design one-stop-shops as an integrated response to integration needs?

Throughout the project, the partners developed four how-to guides for cities wanting to explore the abovementioned themes. The four how-to guides will be turned into an e-publication but also into four how-to animated videos.

CONNECTION is built on previous EU-funded projects coordinated by Eurocities (MIXITIES, ImpleMentoring, Cities Grow, VALUES) that together addressed the gaps in the implementation of the Integrating Cities Charter, which embodies the cities’ commitments to third-country nationals’ integration.

  1. Tender process

The purpose of competitive tendering for awarding this agreement is two-fold:

  • to ensure the transparency of our operations according to European funds financial rules;
  • to select the external company, based on the best quality/price ratio, with which we will work with us on the CONNECTION project for the period August 2022 – November2022.
  1. Objective and scope of the video

The main objective of the videos is to provide a catchy glimpse into the good practices featured in the how-to-guides, the different steps, success factors and don’ts identified in the guides. This will be done through 4 short motion graphic/animated videos (3-4 mins each).. The video should be dynamic and concise, stressing in its animation the main messages of the guides. The videos will be showed during the Integrating Cities Conference in Utrecht on 16-17 November 2022 and will then be disseminated on Eurocities websites and social medias.

  1. Tasks

The video editor will coordinate the videos’ development process by performing the following tasks:

  • Develop a concept note for the videos with Eurocities’ support.
  • Take into account the existing visual guidelines and specifications of the Integrating Cities process (to be provided by EUROCITIES).
  • Produce 4 motion graphic videos, suitable for use on our website and on social media: Design of a graphic line, Storyboard, Animated video with text on screen in English, infographics and licensed music.
  • Include voiceover English native speaker and EN subtitles.
  • Include musical background.
  1. Timetable and deliverable

The proposal will include a detailed timeline which can deviate from the below timeline as long as the final deadline is met and the number of consultations is equal or higher:

  • The first draft version should be made available on Monday 10 October 2022.
  • The finalised version should be made available on Monday 7 November 2022.
  1. Requirements 

The offer should include:

  • A brief background of the company/contractor, portfolio/examples of previous projects
  • Detailed quotation with payment terms and conditions for acceptance.
  • The total price must include all costs and all expenditure incurred directly and indirectly by the contractor in performing of the tasks.
  1. Selection criteria 

The tenderer will be selected based on his/her professional and technical capacity, taking into account the best value for money.

Note that in the context of the same project CONNECTION, Eurocities is also currently looking for a graphic designer (organisation or individual) to design, layout and produce a web publication based on the 4 how-to guides. Applicants can apply to both calls.

  1. Budget

The budget foreseen for the video is 40.000 € VAT included – this covers all the tasks described above as well as all costs related to the project and materials.

Prices must be quoted in Euro (VAT excluded).

Prices submitted in response to this tender must be inclusive of all costs involved in the performance of the contract, no expenses incurred in the performance of the services will be reimbursed separately.

  1. Deadline

Please submit your detailed price offer together with a short CV outlining your expertise and previous work (please provide a few links to examples) by 13 July 2022 noon to:

Alexandra Weerts

EUROCITIES senior project coordinator migration & integration

Tel: +32 (0) 2 552 08 27