Call for Tender – MOOC production company

About the project

Led by Eurocities, UNITES – ‘UrbaN InTEgration Strategies through co-design’, trains and accompanies local authorities to co-design integration strategies with other stakeholders and migrants.

In the first stage, UNITES will develop training on co-designing migrant integration strategies that incorporate research on best practices across Europe. A pilot version of the training will be conducted with staff from the eight cities participating in the project. The training will then be developed into an open access online course (MOOC) for integration practitioners outside the project, which will be tested with stakeholders in the eight partner cities.

Work description

Eurocities is looking for a MOOC production company (organisation or individual) to develop a MOOC on co-designing migrant integration strategies, using material generated from within the project. The MOOC should consist of six learning modules, each taking approximately 60 minutes for end users to complete.

Each module will contain videos, texts, and engaging interactive elements such as quizzes, drag-and-drop matching exercises and short writing exercises developed by the MOOC provider in consultation with Eurocities.  Videos, articles and text will be supplied by Eurocities with the support of the MOOC provider. The selected provider will be in charge of designing and producing a certificate template that each user of the MOOC will receive at completion of the MOOC.

The modules should include different types of media, including audio, video, images and text, and should be made up of units of roughly 2-7 minutes each, in order to keep the user engaged as an active learner, in line with contemporary best practices in education. For example, a series of units might begin with a video of a local expert explaining how to consider gender in co-design activities, followed by written excerpts from blog posts by migrant women about their experiences in Europe, followed by an interactive segment where the user sorts points about gendered integration experiences into ‘pro’ and ‘con’ columns.

See section 3.5 below for a sample module structure, which would be a starting point for discussion between Eurocities and the MOOC provider, with the latter advising modifications according to their expertise.

Users should be able to enter and exit the MOOC freely, saving their progress and their scores, and be free to revise or retake modules or elements of modules at any time. The provider will work together with Eurocities to develop a hosting solution, preferably on the Integrating Cities website . Other solutions could be discussed if they do not add significantly to the agreed upon cost.

The MOOC should form a coherent identity with other communication elements in the Integrating Cities brand and the graphic identity of the project, which will be provided by Eurocities.

Download the full version of the call here


Deadline for receiving quotes: 1 August 2022, 18:00 CET

Start of the work: 22 August 2022


Please submit your offer with the subject line: ‘MOOC UNITES tender offer’ to project coordinator Rossella Nicoletti (, +3225520864), and copy Anthony Colclough ( We are also at your disposal for any questions regarding the tender.