• environment

This working group provides a platform for members to exchange innovative and sustainable solutions to manage the quantity and quality of surface and ground water in urban areas


  • implementing sustainable urban water management under the seventh environmental action programme and the blueprint to safeguard Europe’s waters

  • collecting, exchanging and promoting innovative and sustainable solutions on surface and ground water problems concerning both water quality and quantity aspects

  • promoting integrated approaches to water management, including different water elements such as rainwater, drainage, drinking water, groundwater, sewage water treatment plants, and the possibility of using water for energy storage

  • exchanging experiences on urban water management, including the role of public organisations and private partners

  • focusing on drinking water and sewage water issues, such as scarcity, micropollutants, antibiotic resistant bacteria and more


Alexander Mauritz
Managing Director

vice chair

Roland Zinkernagel
Sustainability Officer

EUROCITIES staff contact

Claire Baffert
EUROCITIES Brussels Office
Project coordinator