Long term investment

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This working group will focus on how to use financial instruments, develop investments projects and promote the exchange of the best practices in supporting investments in cities

Objectives for 2019:
·         Exchange opportunities and strong cooperation basis for interested cities to work on the challenges to long-term investments in various sectors (e.g. affordable housing, energy efficiency) and other EUROCITIES Forums;
·         Exchange of knowledge and experience on integrated approaches on long-term investments and on how these approaches can be transferred to other European cities;
·         Joint-up approaches among local, national and European authorities to address main bottlenecks for boosting long-term investments;
·         Analysis of financial instruments to boost local investments;
·         Activities to shape the EU framework and resources to help cities implement long-term investment projects;
·         More flexible rules on the relation between deficit and investments;
·         Discussions about coordination among neighbouring local authorities and partnerships with private actors and the advantages of public investments without private partnerships;
·         Exchange of experiences on the long-term economic effects of public investments;
·         Discussion about realisation of new ways of financing;
·         Harmonizing European System of Accounts (ESA 2010) with double entry bookkeeping rules.
·         Analysis of innovation in local economies and improvement of their service;
·         Discussion on the issue how to protect LTI from political change and budget constraints and cuts to the mid-long term.
Actions to achieve the objectives:
·       Collection of the case studies on financial schemes and PPP. And provide the information about already collected/ available case studies;
·       Evaluation of the effects of the Maastricht deficit and debt level, European System of National and Regional Accounts (ESA 2010) and EUROSTAT, on city finances;
·       International Workshop about solid city finances with experts in the Public Finance Management, mayors and deputy mayors as well as high-level officers responsible for city finances;
·       Develop a first position paper in which cities commit to a common approach toward the European Commission for more flexible rules on the relation between deficit and investments.
·       Next meeting: potential involvement of EIB;
·       Support creation own investment resources (es. Green Bonds).



Ulrike Firniss
business area manager


Michael Kremser


Bogdan Nawrocki
Deputy Director

EUROCITIES staff contact

Aleksandra Olejnik
EUROCITIES Brussels Office
Policy advisor