This working group aims to strengthen local and national policies, strategies and practice on combating homelessness. The leading themes of the work are integrated approaches to homelessness, prevention, and active inclusion.

 In 2016 working group Homelessness focus on:

1) Mutual learning and exchange of good practices on:

  • Housing First
  • access to services for homeless people including EU mobile citizens

2) Engaging with the EU institutions on homelessness policy with the view to raising awareness on the city perspective in tackling homelessness and to bring more specific evidence on:

  • the effectiveness and efficiency of EU funds to support people who are homeless
  • the impact of the crisis and the fiscal reforms on the situation of homeless people and cities’ ability to respond to these emerging needs
  • issues related to intra-EU mobility and homelessness.


Tilde Hagen Knudtzon
Chief Adviser in the department of Seniors and Social Affairs

vice chair

Michael Langwiesner
Administrative Officer - Vienna Social Fund

EUROCITIES staff contact

Agata Krause
EUROCITIES Brussels Office
Policy Advisor Housing and Homelessness