This working group (WG) focuses on employment policies at local level. The cities are committed to provide good practices and policies for integrated and quality social services to people, to ensure their active inclusion into the labour market. The main focus of the groups is to prevent long-term unemployment, to address the skills mismatch and employability, and to forecast the 21st century jobs skills.

In 2019, the working group agreed on the following objectives:

  • Work on fighting long-term unemployed, in line with SAF strategy vision: ‘Leave No One Behind’ and priority of reducing inequality.
  • Reactivation of inactive/discouraged workers.
  • Development of skills, up/re-skilling and adult education.
  • Digital/Tech: Digital skills, barriers,
  • Explore the use of data and technology in supporting employment and public employment services.
  • Capacity-building for linking local policies to a Digital Europe and ESF funding.
WG meetings and mutual events in 2019:
1. Lille, 27-29 May on innovative solutions for long term-unemployment through social economy. WG Smart Social Inclusion and WG entreprenurship and SMEs are invited.
2. Ghent, autumn 2019 on 21st century skills development and employers engagement


Celine Schroeder
Chargée de mission emploi

vice chair

Belen Garcia Diaz
Managing director