City branding and international economic relations

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This working group focuses on how city identity, branding and marketing can reinforce strategic plans for growth and prosperity by attracting investment, business, people and tourists

Specific objectives for 2019 are:

  •  Identification and analysis of several governance models for city branding
  •  Identification of Reputation governance tools (including PPP) to manage with resilience negative effects on the city brand of external shocks: terrorist attacks, gentrification & tourism side effects, political unrest, infrastructure or climate disasters
  •  Identification of good European practices in the use of cobranding strategies with other territorial levels of public administration (Metropolitan area, Region, Euro Region, State, Europe)
  •  Identification of Good European practices in the management of municipal networks of Fresh food markers and Commercial High Street associations as tools to promote economic dynamism, social cohesion of the city’s neighbourhoods and promote resilience of traditional retail structure
  •  Identification of effective governance tools (including PPP) to promote the attraction of large international trade, cultural and sport events
  •  Examples of best practice and use of a good sports international positioning (infrastructures, international events, citizens’ involvement, good health, economic development & social integration impacts) as an asset to integrate in the storytelling of a city brand
  •  Identification of effective city branding strategies to attract digital nomads and solidary/creative/scientific talent
  •  Identification of effective strategies to facilitate the international registry by cities of their City brands, city signatures, logos and trademarks
  •  Other issues deemed important by our WG members according to the results of our annual survey for WG members

 Proposed Actions to achieve Objectives in 2019:

  • Survey on city branding organisation (lead: Oslo) 
  • Survey to know the WG member cities about the issues that they consider essential to include in our 2019 discussions
  • Study the creation of a new WG about the economic impact of municipal sport policies 
  • Booklet of Best practices 
  • Study visits to best practices (out of the EDF meetings) in coordination with other WG of EDF related to the issue to study
  • Adopt the Critical Friend review methodology moderated by a prestigious business school professor to study in more depth a best practice in each of the 2 WG annual meetings


Els Uytterhoeven from Ghent City Council is a vice-chair of the WG, along with the other ones mentioned here below. 


Marc Sans
City Promotion Advisor


Consol Vancells
City Branding Project Coordinator, Barcelona City Council

vice chair

Joan Chicon Vallejo
Terrassa Metropolitan Area
Head for European and International Affairs and City Marketing

vice chair

Gianluca Saba
Head of International Relations

EUROCITIES staff contact

Aleksandra Olejnik
EUROCITIES Brussels Office
Policy advisor