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Each forum is able to set up a certain number of working groups and task forces focusing on specific policy issues. Each working group has a specific objective, scope and mandate for example preparing a position paper on a particular topic or managing activities such as a European project or campaign.

Each working group consists of individuals, nominated by member cities, who are considered as having relevant knowledge and expertise. Each working group is chaired by a member city, which is also responsible for reporting back to the relevant forum on the results achieved.

A task force can be set up to address issues with a more limited scope. The task force is a temporary group that has a specific mandate, scope, timeframe and strategic purpose.

  •  environment

Green areas and biodiversity

This working group addresses issues of urban biodiversity and management related to green areas


This working group (WG) is committed to combat homelessness in cities, by having an integrated approach on prevention and active inclusion of homeless population. The main focus of the cities is to...


This working group (WG) focuses on the role of social and affordable housing in fostering social cohesion in cities. The main issues addressed by the WG are the affordable housing, social housing and housing...

  •  economy


This working group promotes exchanges on local innovation ecosystems and influences EU policies and funding programmes, such as Horizon 2020.

  •  economy

Long term investment

This working group will focus on how to use financial instruments, develop investments projects and promote the exchange of the best practices in supporting investments in cities

Metropolitan areas

This working group focuses on the city in relation to its surroundings and the governance of functional urban areas

Migration and integration

This working group (WG) is focused on guiding the cities to embrace the diversity of their population and ensure equal opportunities for their population. The aim of the WG is to use a bottom-up approach to...

  •  environment


This working group supports our members in the implementation of European directives relating to the assessment and management of urban noise

  •  culture

Public art

This NEW EUROCITIES working group on “Public Art” is chaired by the City of Torino. It proposes a platform for all Culture Forum members to discuss, exchange experiences and design new scenarios about one...

  •  cooperation

public services and public procurement

The WG members aim to ensuring all citizens are provided with access to high-quality services, which are efficient, reliable and affordable, and which contribute to the shared values of solidarity, social...