Joint lobby letter to the Environment Committee of the European Parliament on the LIFE programme 2021-2027

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In view of the Environment Committee vote on 20 November on the European Commission’s proposal on the LIFE Programme for 2021–2027, EUROCITIES, FEDARENE, CEMR, Climate Alliance, Energy Cities and ICLEI request the support of Parliamentarians for the amendments presented in the attached document.


As representatives of the European cities and regions, we would like the regulation to contain the following provisions: 

  1. Minimum and differentiated co-financing rates securing the participation of local and regional authorities
  2. The Clean Energy Transition – A new direct objective in the LIFE programme
  3. Awareness-raising and inclusive governance – Drivers for a successful socio-economic transformation
  4. Alignment between LIFE and Horizon Europe lightening the administrative burden and encouraging synergies
  5. Granting access of metropolitan areas to strategic integrated projects
  6. Broadening the scope of LIFE to noise reduction

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