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SUMPs-Up is a Horizon 2020 programme aimed at accelerating the take-up of sustainable urban mobility plans.

Over 42 months since 1 September 2016, a consortium of public and private organisations, including four major city networks and seven 'frontrunner' cities, will work to ensure the primacy of sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMP) in Europe. To achieve this, the project will combine comprehensive SUMP research, tailored capacity-building, strong mechanisms for technical support, as well as constant monitoring and evaluation. Eventually, the project will accelerate the development of 100 SUMPs; reach out to 600 cities; and engage around 80% of the EU's cities having over 50,000 inhabitants. EUROCITIES leads on “identifying the needs of the take-up cities”. The project's total budget is €3,999,921.25.

EUROCITIES staff contact

Matilde Chinellato
EUROCITIES Brussels Office
Project coordinator