MIXITIES - Making Integration work in Europe's Cities: Delivering the Integrating Cities Charter

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Making integration work in Europe’s cities’ (MIXITIES) was a project of mutual learning between cities in the field of integration governance. Led by EUROCITIES, MIXITIES moved further into the implementation of the Integrating Cities Charter in which European cities commit to provide equal opportunities for all residents, integrate migrants and embrace the diversity of their cities’ population.

Building on previous experience of peer-to-peer exchanges, MIXITIES designed and tested a benchmarking tool to serve as a framework for signatory cities to report and improve on the delivery of the Charter commitments. MIXITIES findings and recommendations served to underpin and enhance the policy dialogue established between EUROCITIES Working Group Migration & Integration and DG Home Affairs under the Integrating Cities process. The MIXITIES project was co-financed by the European Commission, DG Home Affairs through the European Integration Fund.


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