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The INTI-Cities project 'Benchmarking Integration Governance in European Cities' assessed integration policies in European cities using the method of peer reviews.

The project measured effectiveness against specific benchmarks and delivered expert-validated, comparative knowledge on local practices. Co-financed by the European Commission INTI-Programme–Preparatory Actions for the Integration of Third Country Nationals, the project brought together 12 cities from nine member states. Six cities hosted the peer reviews and the rest participated as ‘peer reviewers’. The project was coordinated by EUROCITIES and implemented in cooperation with the Migration Policy Group (MPG) and ‘Ethics etc’.

Cities identified gaps, exchanged knowledge and good practices, that can improve policies through concrete examples and recommendations. A report on good practices was also be publlished in six languages.

The project supported cooperation between different stakeholders and levels of governance, local, national and European and highlights the role of cities in the implementation of the Common Basic Principles for Integration. A major component was the conference ‘Integrating Cities II’ held in Milano on 5-6 November 2007, which also served as the official public launch of the project. Part of the Integrating Cities process that started in Rotterdam in 2006, the 2007 conference consolidated collaboration between the European Commission and EUROCITIES through the Milano Declaration.

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Migration Policy Group (MPG), Ethics etc