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COMMERCE will facilitate the uptake of workplace travel plans by establishing concrete partnerships between local authority actors and businesses across Europe, enabling mentoring and the exchange of expertise.


Two leading edge practitionners in workplace travel plans will drive the project in two phases: 1. Set standards for appraising successful workplace travel plans - launch the Pan-European Workplace travel plan Award - develop an online forum as part of a European Platform on workplace travel plans and promote this to all EU municipalities through the various networks 2. Use this expertise as follows: - develop a training-in-action programme targeted at municipalities - apply the training in each partner city by establishing a local workplace travel plan forum for businesses - develop and implement a workplace travel programme in each partner city - leave behing a network of mutual support

other partners

London Borough of Bromley (UK), Ile de France (FR), Bucharest (RO), Budapest (HU), Kaunas (LI), Ljubljana (SI), Plovdiv (BG), Riga (LV), Warsaw (PL), EPOMM: FGM-AMOR (AT) & Mobiel 21 (BE)