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The underlying dimension of the CIVITAS initiative is the integrated approach to addressing Energy and Transport objectives.


The demonstrations and evaluation activities undertaken with CIVITAS I and II are producing data and experiences that are relevant for politicians, technicians, scientists, industry and citizens. The objective of CATALIST is to ensure that this knowledge is taken up to a maximum level in Europe, and serves as a benchmark for similar experiences worldwide. CATALIST must accordingly assess, validate and promote the results of the concluding CIVITAS I and facilitate a continuing knowledge transfer that is hopefully going to enable an implementation snowball effect.

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ISIS, Berlin (DE), Bremen (DE), Bristol (UK), Bucharest (RO), Genoa (IT), Göteborg (SE), Graz (AT), Kaunas (LI), Krakow (PL), Nantes (FR), Rome (IT), Rotterdam (NL), Stockholm (SE), Toulouse (FR), POLIS (BE), REC (HU), Rupprecht Consult (DE), TTR (UK), FGM-AMOR (AT), Goudappel Coffeng (NL), ATAC SpA (IT)