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February 2014 


Highlights from our EU urban agenda seminar

We launched our statement on an EU urban agenda at 'CiTIES: cities of tomorrow - investing in Europe' on 17-18 February 2014. We hosted a seminar alongside the forum, during which we called for a practical, coherent and coordinated approach which would allow cities, the EU and national governments to work together. Our statement includes a number of suggestions on how to better involve cities in EU decision making processes.


Safer lorries for safer cities

We published a statement responding to the Commission's proposal to change weight and dimension requirements for lorries. We believe that redesigned cabs offering better visibility for drivers could save hundreds of lives in our cities every year. We co-signed a declaration on 'Safer, cleaner lorries now!' together with London and 18 other associations.


Air quality package recognises city concerns

Points we have been arguing for are reflected in the Commission's air quality package, published on 18 December 2013. These include more effective source policies and stricter national emissions ceilings, which would help protect air quality in our cities. We published a press release and opinion piece when the package was released.


Paris signs Integrating Cities Charter

Paris became the 33rd city and 12th capital to sign our Integrating Cities Charter in December 2013. By signing, it commits to providing equal opportunities for migrants and integrating them fully into city life. As many migrants come to cities in search of employment and access to services, cities have a responsibility to make integration work.


Cities show leadership on Roma inclusion

The East-West Cooperation on Cities for Roma Inclusion pilot project hosted its final event in December 2013, gathering some 70 participants to exchange knowledge and good practice of implementing local policies for Roma inclusion. Politicians at the event called for firm political commitment to achieve real change.


Letting the city breathe

Vienna launched its greening facades and roofs initiative in 2010 in order to mitigate temperature extremes in buildings and to improve the city’s overall CO2 balance. The city began by ‘greening’ the municipal waste management building, and now offers grants and guidelines to households wishing to ‘green’.


Other News

EUROCITIES 2014 Munich

Our annual conference, EUROCITIES 2014 Munich –energising cities, takes place on 5-7 November.

Annual report 2013 & work programme 2014

Our annual report 2013 and work programme 2014 are now available on our website.

Covenant of Mayors: priorities from 2014

As part of the consortium running the Covenant of Mayors office for the next three years, our priorities include supporting cities in delivering Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) and raising the profile of frontrunner cities.

CASCADE visit on climate adaptation

A CASCADE mentor from Mannheim visited Edinburgh to advise the city on climate adaptation measures.

Waste: our position on extended producer responsibility

In our statement on extended producer responsibility (EPR), we make suggestions on how to best manage and deliver household waste collection.

Sustainable mobility in Eindhoven

Eindhoven shared its experiences of sustainable mobility with a delegation of CASCADE representatives during a study visit.

Training certified ADVANCE auditors

ADVANCE is hosting national seminars to train participants in its certified audit methodology for Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).


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