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December 2014 


Integrated services at local level: cities and the SIP

Our event on the role of cities in the Social Investment Package (SIP), in Brussels on 4 December, confirmed the need for true multilevel governance if Europe is to achieve the social targets of the Europe 2020 strategy. We launched our publication on 'Integrated services at local level', which presents 10 examples of how cities are delivering effective, integrated social services to improve the quality of their citizens' lives. We stressed that while cities are doing their best to respond to the social challenges of post-crisis Europe, they need maximum support from their national governments and the EU.


Simon Anholt: a dual mandate for cities

Following his keynote speech at EUROCITIES 2014 Munich, Simon Anholt kindly agreed to answer a few questions for us. Simon is best known as the world's leading authority on national and city image, and is behind the 'Good Country Index', which measures the contribution of each country on earth to the good of humanity. At our annual conference, Simon spoke for the first time about how cities can become 'good'.


Cyd Cymru - in search of a better energy deal

We look at Cardiff's energy switching scheme, Cyd Cymru (Wales Together) in our latest 'cities in action' case study. The scheme allows residents to group together to find better energy deals. Cyd Cymru helps them to approach suppliers, who then compete in an auction to offer the best prices. Each household then receives a tailored offer, and it is up to them whether they choose to switch. Cardiff is leading the scheme together with another local council, with the support of the Welsh government and with local authorities. The city has aligned itself with other UK cities to form a large collective of 51,000 consumers.


EUROCITIES mayors in EPAP panel debate

The mayors of Malmo and Ghent were invited to speak at the 4th Annual Convention of the European Platform Against Poverty and Social Exclusion (EPAP) in Brussels on 20-21 November. They emphasised the importance of city authorities taking a leading role in social innovation by setting up and funding projects to test new ideas. Meeting Commissioner Thyssen, the mayors hope this will be a step towards greater collaboration between the EU and cities in fighting poverty and social exclusion.


Cooperating with Chinese cities

Meeting during our annual conference in Munich on 6 November, our members discussed the challenges and opportunities of cooperating with Chinese cities on sustainable urbanisation. Some of the cities are already quite experienced in cooperating with their Chinese counterparts, while others are just starting out. Our involvement in two EU-China projects, EC-LINK and GuiDanCe, should help our members to connect more effectively with Chinese cities on issues around sustainable development.


Other News

Smart cities brokerage event

A record number of participants attended our brokerage event on the Horizon 2020 smart cities calls on 11 December.

CITYKEYS - new smart cities project

Together with five of our member cities and several research institutes, we were successful in securing a new smart cities project, CITYKEYS.

SEiSMiC is launched in Brussels

The SEiSMiC project on social innovation hosted its international launch in Brussels on 22-25 November.

Exploring smart lighting in Eindhoven

Representatives from four European cities met peers at Eindhoven city council to discuss strategies for deploying smart lighting.

On the road to ECOMM 2015

Utrecht will host the 19th ECOMM (European Conference on Mobility Management) on 20-22 May 2015.

2,000 cities participate in EMW 2014

The European Mobility Week 2014 Participation Report reveals that more than 2,000 cities and municipalities from 44 countries officially joined the campaign.


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