e-ID and e-Invoicing, CEF building blocks to support e-government across Europe

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As enablers for cross-border data flows, interoperability of datasets and the effectivity of the once-only principle, CEF Building Blocks are instrumental to the Tallinn Ministerial Declaration on eGovernment. Local governments therefore get the chance to enhance security and trust, improving citizens’ and businesses’ access to digital services and reduce paperwork.

Two  CEF Building Blocks are of particular interest for cities: authentication with eID and procuring with e-Invoicing. 

  • More and more Europeans are using electronic identification means to access public and private online services via their municipal authorities. But what happens when someone travels or moves to a city in another European country? The eIDAS regulation addresses the challenge of cross-border recognition of national e-IDs.

The eIDAS 2018 Municipalities Project enabled citizens holding Austrian, German and Belgian ID cards to access services in 81 municipalities across the Netherlands. The solution, developed at national level, should progressively be extended to other countries connecting the eIDAS network.

  • CEF also supports the implementation of electronic invoicing in public procurement. To this end, implementation workshops promoting the uptake of e-invoicing respecting European standard are available for city and municipal authorities.

Another good practice comes from the Dutch national government, where CEF supported the set-up of a Unit Invoicing within the Public Procurement Expertise Centre (PIANOo). PIANOo developed a set of services to guide local governments through the implementation of e-invoicing tools and systems. 26 roadshows were organised in 2017 across the Netherlands to support local authorities.

Interesting to know more? Visit https://ec.europa.eu/cefdigital/wiki/display/CEFDIGITAL or contact Rebecca.Portail, KSF policy support officer, at rebecca.portail@eurocites.eu

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