Zaragoza declares intent to share citizen data principles

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At the last EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum, the mayor of Zaragoza declared an intent to establish a set of ‘EUROCITIES citizen data principles’ for the benefit of other cities and to shape future European policies on the matter.

Personal and non-personal data, directly or indirectly generated in the public sphere, using digital technologies and collected through different infrastructures, are crucial to generate more knowledge and to improve cities services and the development of new digital solutions for citizens.

Take examples from EUROCITIES work in creating smarter cities: our members use anonymised citizens data to help manage traffic flows, to monitor air quality and to improve social inclusion.

But in managing data in this way, one must caution against, for instance, transparency, protection and privacy. The citizen data principles will help public and private players in cities to use and manage data in a more responsible manner, considering data generated by citizens as a public valuable asset while allowing citizens to benefit through more transparent use of data and overall better public services.

The work, initiated by the cities of Barcelona, Ghent, Eindhoven, Edinburgh and Zaragoza, has now been endorsed and developed more by the KSF data WG. 

KSF representatives will be present at the Barcelona Smart Cities Expo from 13-15 November, where they will be able to explain some of the ideas behind the establishment of these principles.

As cities, we always aim to keep people at the heart of what we do. This will be a key factor in the development of our data principles, which will be ready in early 2019.

EUROCITIES annual conference in Edinburgh this 28-30 November, will also be a good opportunity to sound out other cities for input, as we look to further shape future policy.

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Federica Bordelot