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Working group urban ageing looks at dementia-friendly environments in Vienna


The working group on urban ageing met on 22-23 March in Vienna. The group gathered 11 cities - Oslo, Vienna, Manchester, Hengelo, Barcelona, Tilburg, Amsterdam, Ghent, Nantes, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf - to discuss how to make cities more age-friendly as healthy environments.

The meeting focused on Vienna’s policies and projects regarding dementia-friendly environments, inter-generational dialogue and engagement of older persons with migration backgrounds. 

Vienna presented its plans to launch a programme for ‘dementia-friendly Vienna’ to scale up this personal network into an organisational network to be run by Vienna Social Fund. 

Participants had the opportunity to learn and visit ‘Vollpension’ – an intergenerational project that is a co-founded social impact hub. 

Guidelines on dementia-friendly environment and how to adapt mobility services were also discussed at the meeting.

You can find out more details in the meeting report attached.

Check out this TEDxVienna on 'Let's make Vienna a dementia-friendly city'.

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