Working group employment meets in Stockholm

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Twenty city representatives from 10 EUROCITIES member city attended the meeting and discussed some of the main challenges they face in promoting employment measures at local level: integration of migrants and refugees; promotion of employability through skills development (for adults, low skilled and high skilled); use of public procurement for creating job opportunities.

Stockholm, as host city, presented several interesting initiatives on these topics including YFI, a vocational training and language course all rolled into one; SFX, a Swedish programme for immigrants with previous professional training, as well as the work done by the unit for business collaboration. Participants had the occasion to engage in a rapid peer review exercise providing suggestions and fields of improvement. Finally, EUROCITIES presented main updates on EU policies such as the Long-term Unemployment Council recommendation, the New skills agenda and the urban partnership on jobs and skills.

Members highlighted the need for further work on some of their main challenges, namely: the cooperation with national and regional authorities; cooperation with employers and private sector; integration of refugees; insertion of vulnerable groups in the labour market; combination of activation and support measures.; the establishment of partnerships with NGOS, trade unions, universities.


The next meeting of the Working Group will be in Gothenburg along with the SAF meeting at the end of October (precise date to be defined).