Unleash your creativity - join us for EUROCITIES 2018 Edinburgh!

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Edinburgh will host our 2018 annual conference, from 28-30 November, on the theme ‘creative, competitive cities - building our future together’.

 Selected sessions include:

- Creative conversations – the conference theme will be explored in detail by speakers in six sessions on Thursday 29 November. Confirmed speakers include, mayors of Bristol, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Manchester, Mannheim, Munster, Oulu, Rotterdam, and deputy mayors from Bologna, Heraklion, Milan, Toulouse as well as political representatives from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Munich. More information will be available end of October here.

- On Friday, 30 November, three parallel sessions will focus on a vision for the European cities of tomorrow – the private political session; the members' session; and the young ambassadors' session. More details on these will be sent to contact officers and participants two weeks before the conference.

- Nearly 60 young people from 50 cities will join EUROCITIES 2018 Edinburgh in November. A specially developed programme will help them participate, with an opportunity to co-create some sessions. Take a look at what some of them have to say here.

Edinburgh, city of literature, festivals and innovation, will provide a rich backdrop for our discussions – ‘book’ your place now on the conference website www.eurocities2018.eu