Take part in a survey on eGovernance in Europe

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The Urban Agenda Partnership on Digital Transition is currently gathering information on the level of eGovernance and digitalisation of public services in European cities.

In order to comprehend the state of developments and challenges in eGovernance across Europe, the Partnership is collecting the insights from the cities through the 15 minutes long confidential questionnaire. The outcomes of the survey will provide input for the work of this Partnership to define Action in the area of knowledge, funding and regulation regarding digitalisation of public services. 

To participate, please click on this link and fill in the survey before 11 August 2017. In case of any questions, contact Federica.Bordelot@eurocities.eu or the Technical Secretariat of the Partnership ua-digitaltransition@ecorys.com.


Note: The Urban Agenda for the EU is an integrated and coordinated approach to deal with the urban dimension of EU and national policies and legislation. By focusing on concrete priority themes within dedicated Partnerships, the Urban Agenda seeks to improve the quality of life in urban areas. n 2016, the Pact of Amsterdam agreed upon by the EU Ministers Responsible for Urban Matters on 30 May 2016 established the Urban Agenda for the EU. Based on the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality, the Urban Agenda focuses on the three pillars of EU policy making and implementation Better regulation, Better funding and Better knowledge.