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Sustainable urban mobility planning in Terrassa

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As part of our CASCADE project, cities met in Terrassa for a peer learning visit on improving Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

Two peer-to-peer learning visits took place in June and July 2013 in Terrassa, Spain to help cities improve their Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs). The visits were organised as part of a series of mutual learning events in the framework of our CASCADE project on local energy leadership. 

Terrassa is currently reviewing its SUMP to define actions to be implemented in the 2014-2020 period. CASCADE mentors from Nantes and thematic expert Koucky&Partners visited the city on 5-6 June 2013 to support the review process. The city’s revised SUMP was presented at a public meeting and the mentors were given the opportunity to present their recommendations.

On 4-5 July 2013, a team of decision makers and experts from Gijon visited Terrassa to exchange experiences and ideas on SUMPs. Gijon is also currently updating its SUMP. The visit was an opportunity for the two Spanish cities to learn from each other.