Study Visit on Urban Agenda Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement, Harleem 22 January 2019

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We are please to invite you for the Study Visit for the Action Building Strategy, part of the Urban Agenda Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement meeting in January.


The study visit will bring together people from European cities, members of the Public Procurement Partnership of the Urban Agenda for the EU and local technicians to exchange on Dutch Public Procurement Strategies, and especially on Circular Procurement. It’s targeted to members of the UA4EU partnership, EUROCITIES WG Public Services & Public Procurement members and representatives from cities and organisations .


It aims at providing input into the Action 1 of the UA Partnership on “Building procurement strategy and managing strategic procurement”. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from Dutch practices and exchange ideas and concrete solutions to build an innovative and responsible Public Procurement Strategy at local level: challenges and opportunities, circular procurement, evaluation and measurement of impact, internal management, cooperation with the market etc.


The study visit will be held on 22 January 2019 in the City of Haarlem, the Netherlands, starting at 9.00 hrs until 12.30 hrs. More information can be acquired at