Strasbourg citizens panel issues three recommendations on climate change

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As part of our Cities4Europe campaign, Strasbourg organised a citizens' consultation which enabled people to share their views and make recommendations on adaptation to climate change.

The goal of the event was to involve participants in generating proposals for city action related to climate change. To debate the subject, the event brought together a panel of speakers:

  • Nawel Rafik Elmrini, deputy mayor responsible for European and International relations
  • Christel Kohler, deputy mayor responsible for nature and biodiversity
  • Francis Gutmann, Team Europe member, European Commission
  • Rémi Suaire of CEREMA, Nancy laboratory
  • Alice Jan Dahan of EUROCITIES (moderator)

After general presentations about the European and national context, participants were divided into three groups to discuss nature in the city, water resources and food (peri-urban agriculture).

Each group made three proposals which were presented to, and voted on by, all participants. The three most popular recommendations were:

1. To require all development projects to ensure a net enrichment of on-the-spot biodiversity and of biodiversity around the development zone, while preserving the functions and continuity between the ecosystems 

2. To reduce water consumption by developing education and training in eco-gestures

3. To preserve land in order to maintain viable and productive agriculture, respectful of soils, water, air, biodiversity and people. 

These citizens' proposals, together with those from other panel events taking place across Europe until the end of February, will be presented at the second mayors summit on the future of Europe on 20 and 21 March 2019.

As part of the mayors summit, which will take place two months ahead of the European Parliament elections in the presence of more than 100 city politicians, EUROCITIES and the European Commission will present the panel results to national and European political leaders.

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