Space4Ghent: Satellite data improving life in cities (Ghent, 6 Mar 2018)

  • knowledge society
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organised by
Eurisy and Ghent City Council
Franklin Rooseveltlaan 1 - 9000 Ghent
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How can satellites help cities become more sustainable and efficient? How can satellite-based services enhance our urban experience? What satellite data is freely available and how to access it? This conference will aim at addressing such questions. The event will present experiences of use of Earth Observation data in cities and will generate debate among experts, citizens and local administrations on the opportunities and challenges related to the use of satellite-based services to enhance quality of life in cities.

Emphasis will be placed on the Copernicus datasets and services which are most relevant for cities.
City administrations, private companies, NGOs, educational institutions, international organisations, and individuals will be invited to showcase and discuss their experiences of use of Earth Observation data to improve quality of life in cities, with the following specific objectives:
  • To raise awareness on existing uses of Earth Observation data to increase quality of life in cities.
  • To inform participants of existing datasets based on Earth Observation, and in particular of the Copernicus datasets, on how to access them and use them operationally, and on the possible applications of such datasets at the city level.
  • To identify the obstacles encountered to access and use EO data at the city level.
  • To stimulate discussion among city authorities, private companies, NGOs and individual citizens on the possible uses of EO data (and of the Copernicus datasets in particular) to develop apps and digital services enhancing quality of life in cities.
  • To support the development of mobile applications to enhance sustainability, inclusion or quality of life embedding EO data.
Public, private and non-profit organisations operating in cities,    students, coders, ITs, developers and other interested individuals,    policy makers and influencers at the regional, national and international levels,    universities and research centres are invited to participate.