Revision of Clean Vehicles Directive: EUROCITIES responds to EU consultation

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The EU has launched a review of Directive 2009/33/EC on the promotion of clean and energy-efficient road vehicles (Clean Vehicles Directive).

The directive sets criteria with the aim of promoting ’green‘ public procurement. The complexity and lack of clarity of the directive currently in force has
led to incomplete or incorrect transposition into national legislation, and diminished uptake by public authorities. Improving this directive will be crucial for the EU to meet its target of reducing CO2 emissions from transport by 60% and eliminating the use of fossil fuel-powered vehicles by 2050.

City authorities are often responsible for the procurement of vehicles for public transport and public service fleets, and play a major role in the transition to clean transport systems. We believe that the need is there for a revised EU directive on clean vehicles.

Our response to the consultation calls for a directive that applies to new and standardised vehicles, and provides a clear definition of ‘clean’ vehicles,
together with a methodology for assessing technical criteria that are easy to use for non-experts. These criteria need to be based on CO2 well-to-wheel (WTW) emissions, together with Euro 6/VI standards, including real driving emissions (RDE) and improved testing procedures. This revision should help cities in procuring clean vehicles, thus contributing to achieving EU policy objectives on climate change and air pollution, and boosting the market for environmentally-friendly vehicles. We will aim to ensure that cities’ views are taken into account during the revision process, and will keep you updated.

EUROCITIES staff contact

Vanessa Holve