Report on 'Urban agenda for the EU' progress is out

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One year after the launch of Urban Agenda for the EU, European Urban Knowledge Network (EUKN) published a report ‘One Year: pact of Amsterdam’ that aims to map the developments and expected impact of twelve priority areas the Urban Agenda is working on.

Although still in various working phrases, the report points out the success of Partnerships in terms of horizontal and vertical collaboration, which also strengthens the voice of cities and urban dimension in the process. Besides that, Urban Agenda enforced new ways of collaboration between national and local authorities and encouraged the discussion about urban development. However, few obstacles still remain. They mostly concern the lack of human and financial resources as well as expertise as cross-sectoral cooperation. The report also provides with main recommendations, which highlight the importance of linkage between different stakeholders and global urban agendas such as SDGs, and endorse exploring of other funding possibilities for the Partnership.

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