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ROCK webinar on cultural policy driving environmental change

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The ROCK webinar programme is back for autumn 2019! The season will kick off on 5 September with insights on cultural policy driving environmental change. This episode will be led by Julie's Bicycle, our partner in the ROCK project.

Policymakers and investors are in a prime position to secure the future vibrancy and diversity of arts and culture by locking the sector into a model of sustainable enterprise, from ethical governance to low-carbon infrastructure. This will ensure it is connected to the economy of the future and resilient to environmental challenges.

This webinar will demonstrate the role of cultural professionals in contributing to sustainable development in cities and how cultural policy – both organisational and local government – can drive environmental leadership. Participants will learn from case studies across the world how cultural policy is being used to create sustainable and resilient urban environments and support local cultural infrastructure to respond to climate and environmental change.

The ROCK webinar programme will showcase the leading cultural heritage projects driving sustainable urban regeneration across Europe. The programme has been designed to share case studies and insights from ROCK partners on a range of topics relevant to cities, including cultural policy, circular economy, citizen engagement, adaptive reuse, new technologies and urban biodiversity. Each webinar will clearly demonstrate the opportunities for historic cities and cultural heritage professionals to contribute to new and sustainable (environmental, social and economic) urban processes. Participants will hear from a range of speakers and have the opportunity to ask the experts questions and share ideas with fellow listeners.

The webinar programme will be recorded and made available to organisations and cities inside and outside the ROCK partner consortium.

The first webinar of the new season will be on 5 September 2019, 14.00-15.30 CET via GoToWebinar.

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