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Participate in a survey about new modes of transport

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Survey on car-pooling, car-sharing, bike-sharing and many more new form of transport.

PT1711 is a project under the European Standardisation body CEN/TC278 - Intelligent Transport Systems Working Group 17 (Urban ITS).  Its title is Models and definitions for new modes. The project team have worked within Intelligent Transport Systems for many years as developers, implementers and standardisers. 
Services already present in the urban environment such as multimodal information and, traffic management and control are already well understood.  Standard reference data models and data exchange formats for the use of these services, in particular data sets describing the public transport offer, are already standardised and available. However, a previous study has identified that there is a need for reference data models to accommodate emerging modes of transport to allow seamless transitions for the traveller between all available modes. Examples of these new modes are car and cycle sharing, car-pooling, and intelligent parking (Park & Ride).
The output of the project team will be a CEN Technical Specification which will define a reference data model, in order to allow integration of these modes into urban multimodal services (e.g. trip planning systems).
Please, participate in the short survey by filling out the attached document and after completion please send it to Christophe Duquesne before 30 April. 
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