New commission consultation on retail regulations

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The European Commission has launched a new public consultation on retail regulations in a multi-channel environment. The deadline is 8 October 2017.

The consultation mainly targets retailers but also addresses local authorities and all relevant stakeholders. It invites them to submit best practices and actions responding to the Commission’s Single Market Strategy, considering the new retail reality which is both brick-and-mortar retail and e-commerce.
With the development of e-commerce, the European retail and wholesale sectors, which amounts to about 5.5 million companies, are experiencing major changes, new opportunities, new ways of consuming and cross-borders expansion and integration. Among them, SMEs generate 66% of the sector’s added value and 70% of employment.
However, the regulatory frameworks are not adapted to allow these enterprises to fully benefit from the digitalisation of the retail sector.
The European Commission asks local authorities which measures they have put in place to promote the vitality of city centres beyond retail establishment rules, in order to tackle the growing importance of e-commerce and changing consumer habits.
Our members keen to promote their best practices and contribute to the public consultation may find the questionnaire here.

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