New EaSI call on innovative work-life balance strategies

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The European Commission has lunched, on 19 January, a call for proposal on social innovation and national reforms: innovative work-life balance strategies to facilitate reconciliation of professional and caring responsibilities.

The call aims at supporting governmental, non-governmental actors and social partners in delivering on the rights and principles set out in the Pillar, through social innovation and national policy reforms as regards reconciling work and private life. It aims also at funding projects to develop, test, and implement innovative work-life balance strategies in the workplace. The purpose of these strategies is to facilitate the reconciliation of work and private life through supporting a more equal share of care responsibilities between working women and men. Thereby encouraging a higher participation of women in the labour market.

The budget earmarked is estimated at €10.000.000 and the Commission expects to fund 5-7 proposals. Cities can apply as leading authority or as project partner. The deadline for submission is 18 April 2018.

Further details and the submission form can be found here: The funding briefing (only for members) can be found here:

The call is part of a 3 lot action on social innovation and National reform, under the Employment and Social Innovation (EaSi) funding programme. Only two of the calls that will be lunched in 2018, have local authorities as eligible entities. Find more:

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