New Call for the Social Economy


European Social Economy Regions, or ESER, is a European Commission DG GROW initiative that aims to raise social economy awareness and capacity, at regional and local level, and to build regional/local networks of social economy stakeholders.


The pilot was launched February 2018 and involved 32 pioneering regions from 14 member states. December 3rd, a call was issued for a second edition of the initiative — ESER 2019.

The call is open to EU-based regional and local public authorities with competencies and links to the social economy who did not participate in the 2018 pilot.

The pilot was presented by Ms. Zuzana Dutkova, of DG Grow, to EUROCITIES Working Group for Smart Social Inclusion, 24/10/2018, at the Stuttgart Social Affairs Forum. A number of cities expressed interest in participating in the initiative and were told that an opportunity to do so would soon be coming. Now it is here.

The call is open until 31 January 2019.

Interested? For further information on the new call, go to:


For more background information on the 2018 Pilot, see: or

You can also join the LinkedIn Community page: ‘EU for Social Economy & Social Enterprises’ at

Or follow the Commission’s Social Economy Twitter account, where this call was first announced: @SocEntEU