NEW video with highlights from our spring social affairs forum in Lisbon

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On 3-4 April, 140 participants from 40 cities met at the EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum in Lisbon to address the common challenge of deep-seated poverty and rising inequalities, and to discuss possible solutions.

In Lisbon, the major cities in Europe reaffirmed their commitment to fight against urban poverty by working closer together and learning from each other which approach work or do not work in a certain context.

The five key messages from the event were:

  1. The most effective way to tackle urban poverty is through integrated approaches combining area-based interventions with people-based actions.
  2. Cities need better access to EU funding to be able to do more to fight against poverty and inequality. 
  3. Cities need better, integrated policies at EU and national level to combine preventative measures with activation measures. 
  4. Cities want to do more but cannot do it alone; they need to cooperate and coordinate with other levels of government, such as via the urban partnerships set up under the Urban Agenda for the EU.
  5. Cities call upon the EU to invest more in people and social infrastructure by shifting the economics from austerity to long-term social investment.

Check out the video with highlights from our event here. You can also read the full report from the event in the attachment below.

The next social affairs forum will take place in Gothenburg on 25-26 October and will focus on the cities’ role in promoting a more social Europe and delivering on the European Pillar of Social Rights. 

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