Meeting with member states on boosting impact of future cohesion policy

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On 14 May, together with CEMR, we hosted a discussion with permanent representations of 10 member states and the European Commission on the future cohesion policy framework. The event, entitled ‘Delivering cohesion more effectively’ was part of our strategic actions to advocate our policy position agreed by the network. The focus of the discussion was how a close partnership with cities and an integrated, place-based approach can improve the impact of cohesion policy in the upcoming period.

After the scene-setters from CEMR and EUROCITIES, the chair and vice-chair of our cohesion policy working group, Florence and Warsaw, shared their hands-on experience with partnership and the integrated approach in the current period. They pointed out how strengthening the role of cities has produced benefits through cooperation across administrative borders and with the higher tiers of government. Planning together has helped use cohesion policy resources more efficiently to develop infrastructure and improve the access to better quality public services in the wider urban area.
The member state representatives also shared their diverse experience and views on how to improve partnership and strengthen integrated actions. They were a bit concerned about how the new cohesion policy framework would support this, asking the Commission for more clarity around the proposed policy objective on integrated local development.

Two weeks ahead of the new regulations, the meeting was timely in underlining the importance of partnership with cities and the integrated approach to ensure that cohesion policy funds deliver better results. 

Please, find all the presentations in the attachments.

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