Make the best of your waste thanks to COLLECTORS project

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On the 1st of December kicked off COLLECTORS, a new project coordinated by PNO consultants in which EUROCITIES is involved with 8 other partners. This project will run for 31 months and aims at gathering available information on different waste collections systems, harmonising data to make it public and using it to formulate policy recommendations. This will support decision-makers in gaining insight and achieving a higher performance in their waste collection systems.

Within the consortium, EUROCITIES is responsible for collecting good practices in waste collection systems among European cities. Between March and October 2018, we will be kindly asking for your participation and inputs. If you think your city has good practices that could inspires other municipalities and policy-makers in Europe, you can already send us some materials.

Best practices will be shared through four regional workshops in Treviso, Malta, Warsaw and Thessaloniki. These events, open to city officers, will bring together experts and local stakeholders to discuss concrete solutions for better waste collection systems and further increase the level of technical and operational expertise among waste experts. Evidence gathered by COLLECTORS will be linked to the working group on waste, and will be used in our lobbying to improve policy Europewide.

It’s time to make use of our waste!