Major cities celebrate EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK 2018

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EUROCITIES members from north to south have taken part in Europe's campaign for sustainable urban mobility. Between 16 and 22 September, they brought to life this year's theme of multimodality with innovative activities promoting different forms of transport.

In its 17th year,  EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK inspired more than 2,700 towns and cities in Europe and beyond to join forces and present their most sustainable solutions for urban transport. Responding to the call to action 'Mix and Move!', local authorities promoted the mixing of transport modes within the same journey or for different trips.

Lisbon  organised an activity in a metro station to encourage passengers to combine different modes of transport in their journeys and another focused on an increasingly popular way of moving within cities - electric scooters.

Seville's car-free day celebrations included a multimodal challenge and photo contest. Similar celebrations in Tallinn focused on walking, the most sustainable and yet often forgotten mode of transport.

Mannheim's city council recognised employees who come to work by bike with an 'employee of the month' style scheme including a photo exhibition.

Leipzig chose the tram as the focus of its promotion of multimodal transport and made the most of the week to discuss the possibility of free public transport with citizens.

Madrid opened its traffic control centre to people keen to learn more about mobility management in a city that's planning to implement a wide area where the use of cars is restricted.

Stockholm presented a long list of permanent measures - one of the three participation criteria of EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK. Among those it has implemented in the last 12 months are the installation of charging points for e-bikes and the testing of automated vehicles.

Warsaw organised a range of activities for children and adults around the issues of ecology, sustainable transport and recycling. One of these tested residents' knowledge of the public transport network via a social media quiz with prizes of free tickets for the winners.

Bologna promoted bike and car sharing as a solution to the challenges of urban mobility, with public transport also considered as part of the mix.

Toulouse partnered with schools to promote safe and active travel as well as public transport, in the year the city's metro celebrates its 25th anniversary.

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