Ljubljana signs a pledge to the European Pillar of Social Rights on inclusion of people with disabilities

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The City of Ljubljana has established itself as a pioneer in the area of social rights and social inclusion for all. Following the city’s previous pledge on healthcare, housing and homelessness, Ljubljana has signed a new pledge to the European Pillar of Social Rights dedicated to principle 17 on inclusion of people with disabilities. With this new pledge, Ljubljana takes the approach of mainstreaming the inclusion of people with disabilities across all city relevant policy areas.

·       In the pre-school and school environment, Ljubljana offers special education and tutoring programmes together with a broad range of support services for pupils with intellectual disabilities under the umbrella of a special education centre. The city allocates around € 2.5 million annually for inclusion of children and adolescents with disabilities, while additional € 28.2 million are earmarked from the city’s budget for renovations and rehabilitation of public kindergartens and primary schools in 2019.

·       In the employment area, the city administration leads by example by strictly following and regularly exceeding the national quota for employment of persons with disabilities. At the level of other employers, the city works on the integration of persons with disabilities in the labour market by supporting and co-financing Slovenia’s active employment policy programmes.

·    In housing, Ljubljana pursues a unique policy with specially adapted non-profit rental housing available to adults with disabilities. The municipal housing fund is expected to provide an additional 1,500 non-profit rental housing units by 2022 with at least 10% adaptable for disabled persons in accordance with the principle of universal design, ensuring an accessible and barrier-free living environment.

·    For personal assistance and independent living, The City of Ljubljana co-finances assistance programmes for the elderly and for persons with disabilities. Ljubljana earmarks over EUR 10 million from its annual budget for various forms of assistance with additional € 400,000 reserved for organisations of disabled persons and other non-governmental organisations for social inclusion programmes. 

The pledge was signed by Ljubljana's Mayor Zoran Janković ahead of the EUROCITIES Urban Ageing and Barrier Free Cities joint working group meeting in June 2019. 

EUROCITIES campaign ‘Inclusive cities for all: Social Rights in my city’

Our initiative to collect city pledges on different principles of the EU social pillar continues throughout 2019. Our goal is to build an inclusive Europe with inclusive cities for all people. 

Is your city interested to join the initiative but missed the February deadline? Or is your city already one of the 22 signing cities but you wish to sign a new pledge on another principle? You are very welcome to do so, and we can support you in the process on how to sign a pledge.

The new city pledges will be presented at our Social Affairs Forum in October in Warsaw towards SAF members and high-level representatives from the European Parliament and European Commission.