Lille equips its electricity supplier vehicles with sensors to analyse fine particles "hot spots" in the metropolitan area

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POLLUTRACK is an innovative project aiming at fitting Lille Metropole’s electricity supplier vehicle fleet with onboard sensors to strengthen knowledge and the analysis of fine particles "hot spots" in the metropolitan area.

On Monday, 9th July, Lille Metropole (MEL) and ENEDIS add a new page to their partnership with the POLLUTRACK solution as a first step. This innovative project is implemented with the support of the startup called PlanetWatch24. 

The purpose is to take advantage of ENEDIS’ dozens of electric vehicles that cross the metropolitan area on a daily basis to measure fine particles directly inhaled by all road users (pedestrians, cyclists, etc.), thanks to onboard sensors. Energy and digital transition is in the heart of MEL and ENEDIS partnership.

Since last May, about sixty vehicles have already been equipped with air quality sensors. About one hundred of vehicles should be fitted out by the end of the year. This new generation of mobile sensors of micronized particles enables from now on, to measure pollution at a road scale and even a crossroads in real-time and at ground level. Other innovation: the dynamic dimension and the frequency of measurements that is to say one measurement every 20 second on each vehicle!

The very accurate pollution mapping will enable Lille Metropole to gradually identify recurring pollution sources and to reduce them. POLLUTRACK is therefore an additional solution to the measuring fixed stations and air quality modelling tools used by ATMO Hauts-deFrance, the official air monitoring body (Lille Metropole’s partner).

Damien Castelain President of Lille Metropole declared "To go even further in combating pollution, I would like to fit out Lille Metropole’s cars as well to complete the provision of data collected by ENEDIS cars by reinforcing networking. These data are precious to keep on working out our Territorial Climate Air and Energy Plan in which fight against pollution is one of the fundamental points."

Watch this short video to get some more information: