Lille Metropole’s innovative way to tackle long-term unemployment is to create jobs


Lille Metropole is experimenting an innovative way to tackle long term unemployment, following a call from the French government to launch such pilots in local communities with long-term unemployment ('Territoires zéro chômeur de longue durée').

The aim of the pilot project, which is implemented in 10 local areas in France, is to offer to the long-term unemployed a new job based on their skills on a permanent contract and a chosen duration. The jobs seek to respond to the local needs that are not satisfied on the existing local labour market. The prerequisite is to avoid competing with local businesses as well as to promote economic growth. The idea is to create additional jobs that are financed by redirecting the current expenditures from the costs of assisting the long-term unemployed. Today, more than 400 people have been placed in regular employment within the 10 experimental areas.

In Lille Metropole, “la Fabrique de l’emploi” is one of the different local companies created to support the experiment to employ the long-term unemployed people. This job-purposed company in Lille Metropole is about to hire its 100th employee in two local communities near Lille and Tourcoing. This initiative offers an alternative solution to existing policies in the fight against long-term unemployment. The project brings together all key actors in the local community to create additional jobs that promote local economic growth and bring new local services and products to residents.

The pilot in Lille Metropole started in 2017 and will run for five years. The pilot was acknowledged by the European Commission DG GROW as part of the European social economy regions 2018 pilot.

Lille Metropole and the national NGO supporting the pilot project will showcase the lessons from this pilot during a seminar on 16 April in Brussels entitled ‘Using social innovation policy approaches to help cities and regions realise the potential of the European Pillar of Social Rights’. 

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