Join us on Tuesday 6 November for the first ever European Diesel Summit

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Organised under the theme 'fast routes to clean air' EUROCITIES is partnering with the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), and Transport & Environment (T&E) to bring the messages from cities around Europe directly to decision makers in Brussels.

The dangerous legacy of the ‘dieselgate’ scandal continues to pollute the air that Europeans breathe. Too little has been done to tackle the fleet of more than 40 million grossly-polluting diesel cars and vans currently on Europe’s roads.

The current piecemeal approach of vehicle recalls across Europe, and the growing trend of exporting dirty diesels, does nothing to solve this problem and further exacerbates the divide in health equality. All Europeans have the right to clean air; we need European solutions, too, to make this right a reality.

This Summit invites all concerned stakeholders - high-level representatives of EU institutions, governments, cities, industry, academia and civil society - to discuss what concrete solutions are available, in a constructive and forward-looking manner.

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EUROCITIES staff contact

Joana CruzSenior policy advisor

EUROCITIES staff contact

Thomas Willson