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Join the EUROCITIES initiative 'Inclusive Cities for All: Social Rights in My City'


Is your city pursuing inclusive policies? Do you work to ensure social rights for all people in your city? Then join our new initiative 'Inclusive Cities for All: Social Rights in My City’.

EUROCITIES kicks off this new political initiative to show the cities’ contribution to a more cohesive and inclusive Europe starting from the local level. We are inviting mayors and deputy mayors to pledge to act on the principles of European Pillar for Social Rights in line with your city's strategic objectives.

Madrid and Stuttgart are the first two cities to sign pledges. The deputy mayor of Madrid, Marta Higueras signed a pledge to reduce long-term unemployment and invest in affordable childcare. Stuttgart's deputy mayor, Werner Wölfle, pledged to invest in measures for the inclusion of people with disabilities. 

Your city is also very welcome to join this campaign and become a ‘champion city’ on the EU Pillar of Social Rights. If your city is already delivering inclusive social policies to achieve social rights, these efforts can be highlighted through a pledge to one of the principles of the Pillar. 

Why to sign a pledge?

1. Your city will gain recognition at EU level. By having a pledge signed by your mayor or yourselves as deputy mayors, your city’s policies will gain maximum visibility at EU level and your city will be recognised as a champion of equal opportunities and social rights for all people. 

2. Your city will be positioned to get better access to EU funds. Given that the next programming period will have European Social Fund aligned to support the implementation of the EU Pillar of Social Rights, by signing a pledge now, your city gets well positioned to access ESF funds after 2020. EUROCITIES is lobbying intensely to get better and easier access for cities to ESF+ and by showing the strong commitment of cities to implement the Pillar's principles, we are making a strong case for matching this commitment with appropriate EU funding. 

3. Your city will contribute to a stronger urban voice in the EU social agenda. By showing how cities can take concrete actions to meet the EU objectives, we are showing that cities can be trusted as partners in EU policy-making. This message is timely ahead of the European Parliament elections in May 2019 that will lead to a new EU agenda and the opportunity to engage cities as partners.

How to sign a pledge?

Your city can choose one or more principles of the Pillar where you already have achieved a good progress and where you wish to continue investing in the next years. It can also be a new area as long as you have the political commitment and budget allocation to proceed with actions in the next years.

In terms of how to formulate the “pledge” presenting your city’s commitment to deliver the given principle of the EU social pillar, you can draft a text of up to one page, covering:

  • political rationale why your city is committed to deliver the given principle(s) 
  • your city’s framework / strategy to work in this policy area 
  • commitment for the future – e.g. investments that your city will make and/or actions, programmes or services that your city will deliver

You can find attached the pledges made by Madrid and Stuttgart as template for formulating your pledge. Please note that the pledge should be signed by your mayor or deputy mayor. 

When to submit the pledge?

There is a momentum now around the first year anniversary after the adoption of the Pillar. At a press conference held recently, Commissioner Thyssen referred to the shared commitment by all levels of government, from local to EU level. We can use this opportunity to raise awareness about the pledge your city is making to transfer the Pillar principles into concrete actions. It would be great to have the pledge by your city before the end of 2018 or by the end of January 2019 at the latest. In this way, your mayor or deputy mayor can be invited to take part in our EUROCITIES high-level political event at the European Parliament in February 2019 when we will launch the pledges in the presence of MEPs and high-level EU officials. 

Show that your city is inclusive and sign a pledge to deliver the EU Pillar of Social Rights!

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EUROCITIES staff contact

Bianca Faragau-Tavares