Join our policy transfer on innovative solutions to combat LTU through social economy in Lille

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Lille Metropole

Working Group Employment is meeting in Lille Metropole, on 27-29 May, to discuss about ‘innovative solutions to combat long-term unemployment through social economy’.

The focus of the study visit
Lille Metropole is experimenting an innovative way to tackle long term unemployment by creating training and job opportunities in the deprived neighbourhoods. Following a call from the French government to launch such pilots in local communities with long-term unemployment (Territoires zéro chômeur de longue durée), the city has piloted the ‘Job factory’ (La Fabrique de l’emploi) project. The aim of the initiative is to create opportunities for the long-term unemployed based on their skills and sustainable employment contracts. The jobs seek to respond to the local needs that are not satisfied by the existing local labour market. The prerequisite is to avoid competing with local businesses as well as to promote economic growth. The idea is to create additional jobs that are financed by redirecting the current expenditures from the costs of assisting the long-term unemployed. Today, more than 400 people have been placed in regular employment within the 10 experimental areas.
EUROCITIES is organising a study visit to Lille Metropole to learn in practice from the city's model of using social economy as a solution to combat long-term unemployment. The aim is to build capacity of the participating city experts to learn, transfer and possibly replicate some of the inspiring practices from Lille Metropole while adapting to the specific local conditions and target groups in their cities. The goal is to strengthen the capacity of cities to develop innovative solutions to combat LTU.
The WGs Smart Social Inclusion and the WG Entrepreneurship and SMEs are also invited to attend the event.
The timeline
Day 1 - Monday, 27 May
·         Welcome and introduction of the WGs;
·         Political debate & presentation of Lille Metropole’s pledge on European Pillar for Social Rights.
Day 2 - Tuesday, 28 May
·         Presentation of Lille Metropole’s model of innovative solution on combating LTU;
·         Site visit to Job factory (Le fabrique de l’emploi);
·         Reflecting on the lesson learnt from Lille’s model of innovative solutions to combating LTU.
Day 3 - Wednesday, 29 May
·         Presentation of 4 challenges from cities on innovative approaches to LTU (selected based on an open call);
·         Design possible new and more effective responses to LTU challenges at local level;
·         Business meeting of the WGs.
More details, together with the agenda and registration will be sent at the beginning of April.  

EUROCITIES staff contact

Patricia Couti