Join SDGs events at the European week of Regions and Cities (7-10 October)

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Below you will find a list of selected events on the Sustainable Development Goals that will take place during the European week of Regions and Cities in October (7-10):

§ Tue 8, October 2019. The SDG Voluntary Local Reviews. Methods, data, and experiences.
The workshop will explore different methods and data that cities and regions can use to monitor the achievement of the Agenda 2030 and the SDGs at local scale.
§ Tue 8, October 2019. How can regions and cities use INTERREG to work together for the UN Global Goals
The workshop brings together representatives from Danish and Swedish local and regional authorities to discuss how the global goals are integrated in their local and regional development plans and how the regions and cities use the Interreg programme as an instrument to speed up the process and reach the global goals by 2030.
§ Tue 8, October 2019. Sustainable Urban development in a global perspective – what can the EU offer?
This event will facilitate a discussion on what EU city stakeholder’s may do on the global scene to help fostering more sustainable urbanisation patterns in our partner countries.
§ Wed 9, October 2019. The role of local and regional governments in monitoring and reporting progress on localizing the SDGs
The session aims to revise what are the methodologies and approaches for LRGs to develop comprehensive, participatory and integrated monitoring and reporting systems to support the elaboration of public policies, and consequently, the localization of the SDG
§ Wed 9, October 2019. The SDGs for a Healthy Social Europe - time for partnership and innovation
Participants will talk about research and development, access to care, digital health solutions, sustainable financing, community engagement and more. We look forward to hearing your ideas and examples.
§ Wed 9, October 2019. Engaging Regions to develop the territorial perspective in the implementation of Global Agendas
Participants will discuss several regional experiences in the development of global agendas, especially the New Urban Agenda, will be stressed, and the multi-lateral perspective will be showcased by the key-note speaker.
§ Wed 9, October 2019. The Future of Cities
A major input into the discussion is made by the recently released "Future of Cities" report. This report intends to build on existing knowledge to highlight drivers shaping the urban future, identifying key challenges that cities will have to overcome and strengths to proactively build their desired future
§ Wed 9, October 2019 .A new territorial narrative for the future of Europe
Participants will discuss the future goals of Cohesion Policy, the investment strategies that could maximise the potentials of cities and regions in the framework of post-2020 EU strategic policies and the investment strategies that could address the differentiated territorial development challenges in Europe
§ Wed 9, October 2019. LOCAL.SOCIAL.SUSTAINABLE. How can the European Union help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?
This workshop will present inspiring local stories of sustainable development and discuss the idea of a progressive Green New Deal to help cities and regions achieve a sustainable future.
§ Wed 9, October 2019. UDN: How to enhance a strategic approach for sustainable urban development?
Participants of the session will gain knowledge and capacity on how to turn their plans into strategic, integrated, measurable and fundable strategies to tackle their local needs and challenges.

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