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Information campaign gets more people to register to vote in Barcelona's local elections


The campaign 'My city, my vote' increased registration in the electoral roll for local elections by approximately 53% of EU residents and 49% for non EU-residents. Comparing to the national registration numbers, the project has contributed to a significant increase in Barcelona, which make the campaign a successful one.

The information campaign was launched by Barcelona City Council last October. Since 2014, the number of EU-residents registered in the electoral roll for local elections in 2019 has gone up from 15,095 to 23,097.The number of non-EU residents with reciprocal right-to-vote agreements also raised, from 1,101 to 1,646.Based on nationality, the biggest increase has been in Italians, with an increase of almost 57%. The total increase of people registered to vote in Spanish local election was 0,5. 

The campaign aimed to encourage people to register in the electoral roll for local elections by providing necessary information about the procedure. To do so effectively, the City Council worked to get their message out in several different ways: providing information about the procedure in the mother tongues of the largest communities, sending letters to people, publishing social media announcements and distributing video content. 

The campaign had links to the communications campaign usually ran by Spain's national Statistics Office (INE), responsible for increasing the number of people registered in the electoral role. The campaign was possible by an agreement with the EU Commissions Directorate-General for Justice. You can find more information in the press release and in the video below. 

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