Homelessness prevention in cities


Our working group homelessness met on 25-26 November in Brussels to look in depth at the rationale and methods of building prevention policies in cities.

A representative from the European Commission exchanged views with the members on the key challenges in homelessness policy and practices at city level, and what support the European Commission can offer cities in future.
The meeting featured comparative research, cost-benefit analysis examples, exchanges between members, and a range of presentations on EU funding both by representatives from the European Commission and from our network. The meeting also provided an opportunity to highlight that city authorities are still not sufficiently involved in the negotiations of the operational programmes for EU structural funds 2014-2020.
Working group homelessness plans to meet twice next year. The meetings will focus on multiple exclusion and EU migration issues. It will also look at the use of EU funds at the city level, with the view to pass messages on to the European Commission.
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