Have your say on the action plan of the Climate Adaption Urban Agenda partnership

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The online Public Feedback on the Climate Adaptation Partnership’s Action plan is open until 17 August 2018.

Climate change hazards impact all our cities and rising temperatures, droughts, floods influence the way we live, work, and manage our local economies. The partnership on climate adaptation has identified 11 actions that will enable local decision-makers to improve awareness of climate hazards, make better informed decisions, and have better access to funding for local adaptation actions. The City of Genova coordinated the work of the partnership and its Mayor Marco Bucci is now inviting all European cities to reply to the online consultation on the action plan. This is the unique opportunity for all cities to input into the draft 11 actions. 


Action plan feedback: https://bit.ly/2KEQJ0J

Invitation to feedback by Mayor Marco Bucci: enclosed.

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