Ghent wins Milan Pact Award 2018

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The Milan Pact Awards, part of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, highlights best practices and helps foster the exchange of ideas and solutions for food related issues among cities.

On 4 September, the city of Ghent was awarded the top prize, along with €15,000, for its 'Foodsavers Ghent' initiative. The programme involved two years of particpatory planning to scale up food waste recovery. FoodSavers manages food surpluses in the city by linking supply and demand for leftover food. It works in collaboration with social organisations and restaurants, food banks, retail and wholesale markets, as well as farms.

The project have been developed in collaboration with both privates and public involvement, andf builds upon the integrated approach to food governance already adopted by Ghent's Food Council. Ghent's winning approach can now help lead the way for other cities to improve their food waste recovery.

You can read more about the project here.