From in-work poverty to Decent Work- Think European Act in solidarity

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An increasing number of people in Europe are poor, even though they work. In-work poverty is reaching alarming proportions in large cities such as Berlin. This phenomenon can be linked to a large share of atypical employment, low-pay in certain sectors, high rents etc. The groups most affected by this form of poverty include women, particularly of they are single mothers, and migrants. The consequences on child poverty are also important. 

At European level and in Germany, a number of appraches and tools have been developed to combat in-work poverty. Berlin for example has been actively involved in providing support to the long-term unemployed, reducing the number of mini-jobs and evaluating the effects of digitalisation. 

To further develop how stakeholders can jointly tackle in-work poverty, Berlin's Senate Department for Integration, Labour and Social Services organises a one-day conference. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about current research highlighting the causes and effects of in-work poverty, discuss with key stakeholders inclusing the people affected, representatives of employees and representatives of employers. The German and European perspective will also be introduced thanks to keynote speakers from the German Parliament, the European Anti-Poverty Network, DG EMPL and the International Labour Organisation. Finally, the city will present some of its most promising measures. 

A set of parallel workshop will also specificly develops the following aspects: 

  • Precarious employment and in-work poverty
  • Digital transition and in work poverty
  • The service sectors and in work poverty
  • Vocational education and training and in work poverty

Simultaneous translations will be available in English and German

Registrations are open via email to until 8 September

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