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Fresh, independent report provides critical assessment of the Urban Agenda for the EU

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‘Learning to experiment. Realising the potential of the Urban Agenda for the EU’, a report recently published by Urban Futures Studio at the Utrecht University takes a critical look at how the Urban Agenda for the EU actually enables cities to face current urban challenges on a European scale.

Based on interviews with key stakeholders the report looks at the urban agenda in its political and practical context. The authors, Suzanne Potjer, Maarten Hajer and Peter Pelzer build the narrative that the challenge of delivering concrete results, which the key success factor of the urban agenda, can be overcome only if it manages to harness the unique experimental potential of cities by systematising experimentation and learning from these experiments. They also acknowledge the contribution of networks, specifically EUROCITIES.

The unique strength of the report is its practical approach, looking at the dynamics and concrete results achieved in three partnerships, namely air quality, circular economy and the inclusion of migrants and refugees.

You can download the report here.